Columns & Anchoring Info


Columns and Anchoring System Technical Information



anchor_letterFootings: Minimum concrete footings should be a cube 2ft X 2ft X 2ft. Or may be a concrete pad of various dimensions having a thickness of 5 inches at the anchor point.


MKT Fastening SUP-R-STUD #2712512/304 Stainless 4 inch thread length, 1/2 inch x 5 1/2 inch overall length. 4,608 lbs tension and 6,828 lbs shear installed in 2000 psi concrete.

Approval listings:
ICBO ER-3219
G.S.A. Spec FF-S-325C, Group II, Type 4, Class 1
FM 3/8″-3/4″    UL Listed 3/8″-1″



Architectural Columns are load bearing, fiberglass reinforced polymer composite. They are weather proof, insect proof and highly durable. Decorative caps and bases are made from the same material to fit over the shaft through the center of the cap or base without affecting the height of the column. The 12inch diameter by 8ft column is rated to 18,000 pounds of compressive load.